Accurate Perspective – EP2 – Filing week begins!

AP | EP2 – Filing week begins! Accurate Perspective


Podcast Episode 2 Day 1 of Filing Week

Day 1 of filing week, lets discuss!

County Commissioner

Ladon Linde – District 3

Alex Roy – District 1

County Clerk

Mischa Venables

Billie Maggard

County Coroner

Marshall Slight

County Treasurer

Ilene Thomson

County Assessor

Jacob Tate

Prosecuting Attorney

Joe Brusic

County Auditor

Charles Ross

State Representative Races

District 14

Chris Corey

Gina Mosbrucker

District 15

Bryan Sandlin

State Senator Races

District 15

Jim Honeyford

PCO Seats Filled so far

(27 out of 174 precincts – Republican)

(1 out of 174 precincts – Democrat)

Congressional Races

Recap from Debate on May 7th, 2022

Those who have filed so far!

Ben Garcia III

Corey Gibson

Doug white

Dan Newhouse

Source for candidate filings

Federal funding source for CD4 race:

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When the show was recorded 3 candidates did not file yet. They have since joined the race. Jerrod Sessler for CD4, and Jacek Kobiesa for CD4 and Bruce Chandler for D15 State representative. We will discuss on tomorrow’s show.

***Correction on state senator races. They are 4-year terms (which we knew just had a mental brain fart) and Curtis King in the 14th is still in his term until January 2025.

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