Opinion: You need to read this if you want to save our country.

Conservatives have a big problem on their hands. And if they don’t figure it out soon, things are about to get much worse.

Our current culture is best described as a sinking ship. Look around you: sky-high gas prices, a crippling economy, violent crime, a sex culture that’s seemingly intentionally targeting our kids and confusing them. America is on their way to hell in a hand basket.

People are constantly talking about how bad things are getting. I hear people ask repeatedly, “What can we do?” We hear talk about pulling our kids out of public schools, moving out of blue states, protesting, etc. But the place we can pack the biggest punch-whether you want to hear this or not-is by voting. Placing the right people in the right places can and will make a huge impact on this city, state, and country.

“But I already do vote,” you might be saying. But we are not being effective with our votes. What’s worse: most people don’t vote. We must get on the same page now. Before it’s too late. This is not an article to be taken lightly. This is a call to action. Conservatives, this is your chance. Do it for your kids. Your grandkids. Future America. Wake up and take this seriously!

What issues do we have and how can we fix them? Read on.

One issue we must tackle is the sheer lack of votes. To date, we had 31.16% voter turnout in Yakima (the average is 39.17% statewide).[1] Only about third of voters turned out to vote on Tuesday-even less in our own conservative county. In comparison, 43% turned out in Western Washington and 38% turned out in Eastern Washington. You must vote. Yes, stand up against the culture. Pull your kids out of school if you’d like. Complain about gas prices. Whatever. But if you want to change anything, we must vote. Why such a low turnout? I personally found the sheer number of candidates to choose from overwhelming. I still voted, but I can understand feeling so overwhelmed that you throw the whole ballot away. My husband, like many people, doesn’t trust the election system after the 2020 presidential race, and feels as if his vote doesn’t matter and isn’t safe. Some people are just apathetic at this point: who cares? We’re in a blue state anyway.

But the truth is: if we all show up, we can flip this state. Okay, we might not be able to flip the governor seat (sigh), but we could absolutely flip the house and the senate. How much harder would it be to shove a progressive agenda down our throats if we place several conservatives in the way? Especially if you are a conservative in a blue state: it is our responsibility to fight hard for our kids and this state. Could our votes be stolen? Maybe. But at least we know we tried. What if we all vote and we still lose? At least we know we tried. We MUST vote. I cannot stress this point enough.

But does it matter if we vote if we’re not all rallying behind the same candidate? It is vital we come together as party behind the same candidate. This is where liberals shine: they are all in lockstep with the progressive agenda. You vote together. You move more left together-for better or for worse. Sure, they’re lockstepping our country right off a cliff, but at least they stick together. And if you feel like they’ve gone too left (as many have found themselves more “moderate” these days), you’re out. You’re politically homeless. If you’re not with them, you’re against them. Bye, Felicia.

Conservatives by nature are very different. Conservatives value independent thought. Within our own party, we may disagree vastly on different topics, and vote accordingly. For instance, this past Tuesday during the primary, Congressional District #4 is a perfect example of how conservatives shoot themselves in the foot by refusing to come together. The primary was an opportunity to remove Dan Newhouse (R), who many conservatives didn’t like due to some of his more anti-conservative actions (voting to impeach Trump is a big one). The democrats placed one opponent: Doug White. The logical thing would have been for one solid true conservative to run against these two, as the top two candidates move on to the general election in November. But instead, we did the opposite. We had six candidates run against these two. The result, to the surprise of no one, was that conservatives split their votes six ways, and we ended up with Newhouse and White. To date, both White and Newhouse have 25% of the votes each, while the rest of the 49% went between the 6 candidates. Do you see that, conservatives? We had 49% that we could have rallied behind the same candidate and been effective, knocking either White or Newhouse out of the equation all together.

Finally, we must vote early. Conservatives are known for holding our votes: I myself didn’t vote until day of. But after talking with Washington State Representative Chris Corry this week, he explained how important momentum is. Some people-including me-don’t trust our ballots in other people’s hands for any period of time. Or, as I said earlier, we can be overwhelmed by the number of choices and just not want to deal with it until the last possible second. But momentum matters in politics. Voting earlier actually helps swing momentum in our favor and therefore the momentum of the county and country. Instead of a “oh no, can we catch up?” night on Tuesday night (voting night), we can have a strong confidence in our success. Let’s do this.

I’m challenging every conservative reading this when they get their ballots:

Open it, fill it, sign it, send it. As soon as you receive it.

This will ensure our votes get in early and are counted. You can always check that your ballot was received and counted here.

But how do we ensure we rally behind the same candidate?

First of all, if you are a candidate that has no real shot of winning-get out! Does your ego matter more than what happens in our county, state, country? Several of the six conservatives running for congress had no chance of winning. They knew that. Yet, they still stayed in the race and helped split the vote. Get out of the way.

Next, we must put our own egos aside, as well. If you knew the majority was pulling for Culp, but you really wanted Sessler-would you have moved your vote over to help Culp win? Or would you have been too stubborn and split the vote? Would you rather have Culp or Newhouse? Similarly, what if Sessler would have been the front runner: would you have moved your vote to Sessler, even though Culp is your go-to? If not, you split the vote and helped us get Newhouse. We have to come to terms that we may be casting a vote for someone who isn’t our first choice. As free-thinking conservatives, we absolutely hate being told what to do or to compromise on our standards. But friends, if we don’t start aligning, we are helping the progressive agenda throw our country off into the abyss. The truth is, any of the six candidates going against Newhouse would have better represented what conservatives want and stand for. But we have a bad habit of choosing candidates we want (even with no chance of winning) over humbling ourselves by choosing a candidate that might not be our first choice but would still absolutely take us in a better direction over the alternative.

How do we know who to align behind? At Accurate Perspective, we will conduct metrics prior to the election to help everyone see who most Yakima residents are pulling for. Then: we all get behind the majority candidate. Do you have to? Of course not. There are things the Washington State Republican Party can do as well to make this process smoother. But if you want to see a change in our city, state, and, eventually, country, it’s important we start swallowing our pride and working together. This will be especially important in 2024. If Trump runs, will the never-Trumpers put policy over personality? If DeSantis is our candidate, will the Trump-only voters vote to help move our country in the right direction over losing their favorite candidate? Our loyalty needs to change from individual candidates to whichever candidate will not only help move us in the right direction but can actually win.

So to my fellow conservative Americans:

Stay tuned for metrics that will show which candidates hold the majority vote for conservative votes. Please participate in our polling to help voice who you think we, as a majority, should stand behind. Then, when the majority candidate is known get ready to vote for them. Tell your family and friends why they, too, should vote for this candidate. Share this article with them. And then as soon as your ballot comes in:

Open it, fill it, sign it, and send it.

I believe a red wave is more than possible. However, a wave is made of induvial water droplets coming together. If several drops move a different direction or don’t participate: a wave won’t happen. Decide today how and when you will vote. Your kids, country, and future are in your hands.

[1] https://results.vote.wa.gov/results/20220802/turnout.html

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  1. Peter Dell says:

    I agree fully. I have been saying the same thing for a long time. The question remains, a huge one, how do we get these people out to vote. I hope to see, at some point, a return to polling places. The number of voters will definitely go down, but the quantity of informed voters will go way up and we can affect some change.

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