Opinion: Will you vote for Dan Newhouse?

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With all the commotion in the Congressional 4th District this year, six Republicans unsuccessfully tried to unseat Dan Newhouse. Leaving the 4th Congressional District upset and frustrated with their choices going into the general election.

The issue that Republicans have going forward is staying united. They want us to unite behind a candidate that we overwhelmingly don’t like. The same people who are telling Republicans to stay united seem to have forgotten all that Dan has done against his very own base. A candidate that voted to impeach their president. Why did Dan do that to one of our own? He wasn’t united behind a Republican. Then Dan went on to vote for funding a vaccine database and many other interesting votes. As many Republicans lost their jobs because of this failed vaccine mandate, I ask again, why should Republicans unite around him? How has he represented us?

The Republican party was united in 2021 when all 8 counties in CD4 voted to ask Dan for his resignation and publicly rebuked him. Some almost went as far as to censure him in their county. Those same people want unity? Do we have amnesia?  A vote for Dan is a vote for Liz Cheney, a vote for Doug White is a vote for Pelosi. Not a fun choice for CD4.

So the question is will you vote for Dan Newhouse in this year’s election?

Cast your vote below and let us know. We are collecting lots of data right now to open discussions heading into this next election in November.

Will you vote for Dan Newhouse this next election?

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  1. Jeremy Hines says:

    If my only options are Newhouse and White, Newhouse is less evil. Not a pill I want to swallow.

  2. Jeremy Hines says:

    We don’t have a write in candidate yet, but if we end up with one I’d love to write in a name. In fact if you convince Clint I’d like to advertise an my truck, put up some signs, and help in any way I can. I’d live to have a third option.

  3. 67bluecreek says:

    We already know Clint is not eligible to be a writing so stop promoting it, this as I understand is due to him already being on the ballot for reelection for commissioner in his county. If I am wrong, please publicly state this so not only myself but many others have the correct information upon which to make an informed decision. Otherwise please stop promoting Clint. If you come up with a qualified, willing, personally and publicly announced candidate, I will give serious consideration to that person.
    For me the issue of removal of dams is upper most on list of concerns. No, I do not support Dan’s politically driven vote on Trump, he knowingly well and good he would be ignoring his at home constituents. I also do not support several other lessor issues/votes Dan has made.

    The failure to not unseat Dan lies at the feet of the State Republican Party and its failing leadership. Correct that problem and we might get somewhere.

    For me, in the current political environment, which is not going to change anytime in the foreseeable future, Doug White, or any other Democ-rat is a bitter pill I will not swallow. I hope this clarifies my position and reason to vote for Dan Newhouse in November.

  4. Peter Dell says:

    The question is too complex at this point in time to answer this question now. If a 3rd party write-in candidate comes forward we will have to decide based on their electability, ability to raise enough money and enough campaign workers to get the word out totally effectively.

    1. Jeremy Hines says:

      Yes, Peter has it correct.

  5. Stacy Ryan says:

    If I have to choose between Newhouse and White, I won’t choose. I can’t believe that I am saying such things, but I cannot vote for either candidate. A third option is absolutely necessary! I’m ready to wave signs on the sidewalks, call other conservative voters to encourage their write in vote, whatever needs to be done to unite our vote, and gladly vote for a true conservative.

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