Updates on the Write-In Pursuit!

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We reported a few days ago that a group in Yakima was trying to convince Clint Didier to run as a write-in for Washington State’s Congressional 4th District. We reached out to Clint and, unfortunately, due to Washington State law, Clint is not eligible to run for that position as he is currently running for Franklin County Commissioner.

When we reached out to Clint, he gave us a nice message to share with you all:

I am honored to be have been approached to considered to lead in the 4th congressional, but now is not my time. I have committed to Franklin County and continue to push to make it accountable to the people as Commissioner.

Clint Didier

It’s not the news CD4 wanted to hear, but it doesn’t stop the need for a write-in candidate. With 50 of the 53 people who voted in our poll saying they will not vote for Dan Newhouse, we desperately need a third option. We will keep our ear to the ground to see if there are any possible write-in candidates that emerge. We are still hopeful.

We will still keep our other article posted as perhaps we can still convince Clint to run in 2024. Stay tuned for more info as we get it!

Accurate Perspective Team

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  1. Jeremy Hines says:

    I am desperate for a third option. I really, really don’t want to vote for Dan, but if I just abstain from voting doesn’t that make an easier path for White? Is White a better option than Dan?

  2. Steve Edwards says:

    I don’t think an undervote is a bad thing in this race. You said you wanted to get a count on people that will not vote Newhouse. An undervote will do just that without expending any funds or sacrifice a candidate. If I thought having a body to placehold would do any good, I’d put my own name in. I will not comment, spend any funds, make any commercials, or ever run again. That is what you are asking a write-in to do.

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