Yakima County Republicans Elect a new Chairman, and new board!

The Yakima County Republican Party recently held it’s reorganizational meeting and boy, did they re-organize. An energized Republican Party in Yakima elected an almost entirely new executive board. Interestingly, most of the new board has campaign and / or experience as an elected official. The message from Chairman Brown to Republican PCOs began with a powerful message of honor. He honored the past, honoring the board and the chairmen and women that came before them. It was a strong moment of unity. This is important because during his introduction speech, new chairman Matt Brown vowed to win every school board, and every city council race in which Republicans participate. This same sentiment was echoed up and down the ballot, with candidates explaining their motivations behind running centered on their children and their future, the younger generation in general, and the future of the Yakima Valley. Much of what was said by the candidates also centered on the failure of the public school system during and after COVID. The comments ranged from curriculum to school safety.

Change was warranted and needed as the party became stagnant with infighting and local losses across city council’s and school boards in the region. Chairman Brown promised to unite the party by establishing a common mission and strategy for reaching the next generation and focusing on local issues first! Brown also promised to refresh their social media presence on all platforms going forward. “It’s absolutely needed to reach the next generation of conservatives,” Brown said. As with the new chairman, the new board echoed his statements and promised to bridge these gaps and fill these deltas.

As mentioned previously, the new executive board brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. Chairman Matt Brown is a sitting City of Yakima Councilmember and brings a wealth of campaign experience. Vice chair Autumn Torres has been a leader in the Yakima Valley for years, including her invigorating Yakima Valley County Commissioner campaign in 2021. Some could (and should) argue Mrs. Torres’ hard fought campaign set off a chain of events that resulted in the complete reorganization of the Yakima County Republican Party yesterday.

Treasurer Dave Mullen was previously a Moxee City Councilmember and also brings experience in campaign finance, event management, and fundraising to the board. Mr. Mullen mentioned is motivation which prompted him to run for the Treasurer spot was his children and the public school system. Mr. Mullen also said that he believes that if he is “within five feet of the problem, I need to be within five feet of the solution.” Phil Ostreim’s, State Committeeman, also touched on the fact that he is a father and a small business owner fighting for his children. Lastly, new CD3 Director Jacob Castillo also commented about his motivation stemming from learning what his children were being taught in schools, going to school boards and being ignored, and feeling like he needed to fight for the future of his children.

While Matt Brown’s comments about flipping school boards rang true for him, there was no doubt it rang true for the entire new Executive Board based on their own comments. In 2023 alone, East Valley School District will have three spots up for re-election, Yakima School District will have three seats up for election, and Selah School District has three seats up for election. Other school districts like Zillah and Toppenish are in play as well for the Yakima County Republican party.

The first executive board meeting will be held at the VFW on December 14th, 2022 on Fifth Avenue at 5:30PM.

The full, new Executive Board is as follows:

  • Chair – Matt Brown (new)
  • Vice Chair – Autumn Torres (new)
  • Secretary – Lisa Herke (retained seat)
  • Treasurer – Dave Mullen (new)
  • State Committeeman – Phil Ostreim (new)
  • State Committeewoman – Dana Johnson (retained seat)
  • CD1 Director – Tom Dittmar (new)
  • CD2 Director – Kate Ashley Clarke (new)
  • CD3 Director – Jacob Castillo (new)
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    Bam! A well planned coup!

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