Accurate Perspective – EP19 -Interview with Semi Bird (Part 1)

AP | EP19 – Interview with Semi Bird (Part 1) Accurate Perspective

Accurate Perspective – EP19 -Interview with Semi Bird (Part 1)

Welcome to the Accurate Perspective podcast! Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Semi Bird, a candidate for governor in Washington State. This is Part 1 of our interview with Semi, so be sure to stay tuned for the next installment.

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In this episode, we will delve into Semi’s background and motivations for running for governor, as well as his vision for the state of Washington. We’ll also discuss his stance on key issues and policy priorities, and hear about his campaign strategy and message. Finally, we’ll touch on any challenges Semi has faced or anticipates facing during the campaign.

We hope you enjoy this interview with Semi Bird and tune in for the next episode. Thank you for joining us on the Accurate Perspective podcast!

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