Domestic Violent Extremism Commission Coming to Washington State?

Is a Domestic Violent Extremism Commission coming to Washington State? It will if a number of Democrat Representatives have their way under House Bill 1333. But, do we know what Domestic Violence Extremism really is? Is the definition too broad? Who qualifies as a domestic extremist? Who and how does one get added or removed from the list of domestic extremists?

Surprisingly, Republican members of the committee in which this bill currently resides, House State Government and Tribal Relations Committee, have spurned giving comment on such a controversial, unconstitutional bill.

As Representative Jim Walsh pointed out in a recent Facebook post reviewing HB-1333, this bill violates Article 1, Sections 5, 7, and 11, of the Washington State Constitution. Besides the bill violating our state’s Constitution, does it also offer some unintended consequences? Or are they intended consequences proposed by the left? A little bit of both. We have seen multiple instances of individuals or organizations being mislabeled as domestic terrorists, and lives being ruined because of it. The left has, time and time again, weaponized the political process, and this is no different.

As the Center for Self Governance points out in their paper, The Political Weaponization of Labels , some examples of individuals being mislabeled include:

2. Vice President Pence is identified as a sponsor of hate by SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center] and his wife was accused of involvement in a hate crime that turned out to be a hoax…

12. Average citizens, such as the Covington Catholic boys and Colorado baker Jack Smith, have had their reputations and businesses disrupted, if not destroyed.”

Center for Self Governance – The Political Weaponization of Labels

These are just two examples of how the left has utilized domestic violence extremism mislabeling to destroy public servants, average citizens and anyone else they may disagree with.

Why, then, are Republicans refusing to comment on this bill and why isn’t every single member of the caucus speaking out against this? Examples upon examples have been broadcast through the mainstream media showing the weaponization of committees like the one proposed in HB-1333 and the weaponization of labels housed under Domestic Violent Extremism laws.

We reached out for a comment from Representative Sam Low who sits on this committee. Representative Low stated he would be giving no comment on this bill at this time and that Accurate Perspective should speak with the bill’s sponsors. Representative Leonard Christian, also a member of the State Government and Tribal Relations Committee, asked for Accurate Perspective to reach out after a committee hearing on the bill. With more public scrutiny facing HB-1333, Accurate Perspective has reached out to Representative Low for comment again. Rep. Christian’s response has been added below.

Representative Chris Corry did not shy away or back down from commenting on HB-1333. Rep. Corry expected this bill to be brought to a hearing at some point during the 2023 session. When asked for his thoughts on this bill, Rep. Corry responded with an accurate analysis of the bill and a possible path forward:

“This is clearly a politically biased bill that is poorly drafted. The mandate for the commission is overly broad. It is also housed under the Attorney General’s Office which operates more like a political organization than a law enforcement organization. I don’t believe this bill is necessary. However, I am planning on working with my Republican colleagues to offer amendments to provide clear guidelines and definitions if it is enacted into law

Representative Chris Corry

Again, why are Republicans refusing to comment on a bill that would target Republicans? They either do not care or are being told to back down from power-yielding members of the Republican caucus. Either way, it is a blatant disregard to the concerns of their constituents.

Is it not concerning the Attorney General, as part of his 2022 report on Domestic Violence Extremism, is recommending “A Journalism Fellowship Program be created to combat misinformation and disinformation?” Why does the Attorney General feel the need to comment on journalism and media?

Even more concerning is the addition of representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Department of Homeland Security on this poorly planned and poorly thought-out commission. Additionally, representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union, a known leftist organization, and the Anti-Defamation League, are also required.

Again, I ask the question; Why are Rep. Low and Rep. Christian so reticent to comment on a bill that will negatively affect conservatives and be used as another political tool in the tax-heavy tool belt of Governor Jay Inslee?

UPDATE: After reaching out to Rep. Leonard Christian again, he responded with:

My issue with HB 1333 is, I believe the taskforce could be used to target groups that are simply exercising their first amendment rights.  I believe a parent simply voicing their concern at a school board meeting could make them a target.  I believe citizens need to be more engaged with government, not afraid of it.  I believe a taskforce sends the wrong message, and who decides the target groups?  We have an amazing law enforcement system.  Let’s provide them the resources to do this work.

Rep. Leonard Christian-R commenting on HB-1333

For a deeper dive into DVE and the problems arising from such a commission, visit the Center For Self Governance’s paper titled ‘The Political Weaponization of Labels’.

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