AP | EP25 – Power Play: Analyzing Legislative Wins and Losses, Political Races, and Referendum 101 with Jim Walsh

AP | EP26 – Unpacking the New Republican State Chair, Joe Kent's Endorsement, School Budget Challenges, and More! Accurate Perspective


  • Introduction: After a long hiatus, hosts Matt Brown and Hannah Joy are back with an exciting new episode of their podcast. In this episode, joined by guest Jim Walsh, they dive into the successes and failures of the past legislature session, discuss the upcoming WSRP chairman’s race, explore the 2024 Governor’s Race in Washington State, and analyze Referendum 101 Reject SB5599.
  • Legislative Reflections: After a much-awaited return, Matt, Hannah, and guest State Rep. Jim Walsh provide an insightful overview of the recently concluded legislature session. They examine notable achievements and areas where progress fell short, reflecting on key bills passed, their impact on the state, and the political implications surrounding these legislative actions.
  • WSRP Chairman’s Race: Shifting gears to party politics, our hosts and Jim Walsh delve into the upcoming Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) chairman’s race. They discuss the candidates vying for the position, their platforms, and the potential consequences of this critical leadership election.
  • 2024 Governor’s Race: Looking ahead, Matt, Hannah, and Jim analyze the unfolding dynamics of the 2024 Governor’s Race in Washington State. They explore the contenders, major issues shaping the race, and offer their insights on potential outcomes and their implications for the state’s political landscape.
  • Referendum 101: Rejecting SB5599: Our hosts, along with guest Jim Walsh, tackle the significant Referendum 101, which seeks to reject SB5599. They provide an overview of the referendum, delve into its implications, and present balanced discussions around the arguments for and against it. Listeners are encouraged to form their own informed opinions.

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