Domestic Violent Extremism Commission Coming to Washington State?

Is a Domestic Violent Extremism Commission coming to Washington State? It will if a number of Democrat Representatives have their way under House Bill 1333. But, do we know what Domestic Violence Extremism really is? Is the definition too broad? Who qualifies as a domestic extremist? Who and how does one get added or removed from the list of domestic extremists?

Surprisingly, Republican members of the committee in which this bill currently resides, House State Government and Tribal Relations Committee, have spurned giving comment on such a controversial, unconstitutional bill.

As Representative Jim Walsh pointed out in a recent Facebook post reviewing HB-1333, this bill violates Article 1, Sections 5, 7, and 11, of the Washington State Constitution. Besides the bill violating our state’s Constitution, does it also offer some unintended consequences? Or are they intended consequences proposed by the left? A little bit of both. We have seen multiple instances of individuals or organizations being mislabeled as domestic terrorists, and lives being ruined because of it. The left has, time and time again, weaponized the political process, and this is no different.

As the Center for Self Governance points out in their paper, The Political Weaponization of Labels , some examples of individuals being mislabeled include:

2. Vice President Pence is identified as a sponsor of hate by SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center] and his wife was accused of involvement in a hate crime that turned out to be a hoax…

12. Average citizens, such as the Covington Catholic boys and Colorado baker Jack Smith, have had their reputations and businesses disrupted, if not destroyed.”

Center for Self Governance – The Political Weaponization of Labels

These are just two examples of how the left has utilized domestic violence extremism mislabeling to destroy public servants, average citizens and anyone else they may disagree with.

Why, then, are Republicans refusing to comment on this bill and why isn’t every single member of the caucus speaking out against this? Examples upon examples have been broadcast through the mainstream media showing the weaponization of committees like the one proposed in HB-1333 and the weaponization of labels housed under Domestic Violent Extremism laws.

We reached out for a comment from Representative Sam Low who sits on this committee. Representative Low stated he would be giving no comment on this bill at this time and that Accurate Perspective should speak with the bill’s sponsors. Representative Leonard Christian, also a member of the State Government and Tribal Relations Committee, asked for Accurate Perspective to reach out after a committee hearing on the bill. With more public scrutiny facing HB-1333, Accurate Perspective has reached out to Representative Low for comment again. Rep. Christian’s response has been added below.

Representative Chris Corry did not shy away or back down from commenting on HB-1333. Rep. Corry expected this bill to be brought to a hearing at some point during the 2023 session. When asked for his thoughts on this bill, Rep. Corry responded with an accurate analysis of the bill and a possible path forward:

“This is clearly a politically biased bill that is poorly drafted. The mandate for the commission is overly broad. It is also housed under the Attorney General’s Office which operates more like a political organization than a law enforcement organization. I don’t believe this bill is necessary. However, I am planning on working with my Republican colleagues to offer amendments to provide clear guidelines and definitions if it is enacted into law

Representative Chris Corry

Again, why are Republicans refusing to comment on a bill that would target Republicans? They either do not care or are being told to back down from power-yielding members of the Republican caucus. Either way, it is a blatant disregard to the concerns of their constituents.

Is it not concerning the Attorney General, as part of his 2022 report on Domestic Violence Extremism, is recommending “A Journalism Fellowship Program be created to combat misinformation and disinformation?” Why does the Attorney General feel the need to comment on journalism and media?

Even more concerning is the addition of representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Department of Homeland Security on this poorly planned and poorly thought-out commission. Additionally, representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union, a known leftist organization, and the Anti-Defamation League, are also required.

Again, I ask the question; Why are Rep. Low and Rep. Christian so reticent to comment on a bill that will negatively affect conservatives and be used as another political tool in the tax-heavy tool belt of Governor Jay Inslee?

UPDATE: After reaching out to Rep. Leonard Christian again, he responded with:

My issue with HB 1333 is, I believe the taskforce could be used to target groups that are simply exercising their first amendment rights.  I believe a parent simply voicing their concern at a school board meeting could make them a target.  I believe citizens need to be more engaged with government, not afraid of it.  I believe a taskforce sends the wrong message, and who decides the target groups?  We have an amazing law enforcement system.  Let’s provide them the resources to do this work.

Rep. Leonard Christian-R commenting on HB-1333

For a deeper dive into DVE and the problems arising from such a commission, visit the Center For Self Governance’s paper titled ‘The Political Weaponization of Labels’.

Sen. King Sponsors SB-5179; Assisted Suicide Bill

In a legislature where the Democrats run roughshod over the minority party, a Yakima Republican has decided to join forces with Democrats on SB-5179; an act relating to increasing access to the provisions of the Washington death with dignity act. Senator Curtis King was and is the only Republican to sponsor SB-5179. Even with the House companion bill, HB-1281, not a single Republican has signed on to sponsor the bill.

Senator King has been known to break with his caucus and sponsor bills regardless of his constituents support.

Why is any of this an issue? Multiple reasons.

The Washington State Senate convenes for floor debate, March 6th, 2019

Supporting physician assisted suicide or, as the Democrats like to call it, ‘dying with dignity’ presents multiple moral issues for individuals to include the physicians administering this treatment.

First, despite what we have seen over the last three years with COVID, a physicians job is to save lives, not take lives. Physician assisted suicide is the act of taking one’s life. Additionally, this would violate the Hippocratic Oath each physician is required to take. In the Hippocratic Oath, it states “I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan.”

When asked for comment on if Doctors would be forced to violate their Hippocratic Oath, Senator King responded via e-mail and said, “[he] doesn’t believe so. Doctors would not be forced to comply with this bill, they will have a choice.” The same could be said for physicians who refused to give the COVID vaccine over the last few years. Did we hear of any physicians refusing? Not really. The governmental, tyrannical, medical apparatus ensured no physicians would break from groupthink. If they did, they would be met with threatening to take away the physicians license. It is quite narrow minded to think physicians are not forced to apply medical advice to their patients.

We know politicians spend time on useless issues. It occurred to me this may be one of those issues residents do not care about. That theory was confirmed by Senator King himself when asked if he has heard from constituents that they would like additional access to physician assisted suicide. King responded and said “We do know that terminally ill patients would like to have this option.” A generic, broad statement instead of an answer to a very specific question sheds light on the motivation behind Senator King’s push for physician assisted suicide and that list of motivations does not include his own constituents’ concerns.

Asked directly, via e-mail, what his motivation was behind co-sponsoring this bill, King answered:

I felt this bill gave people who were in these types of situations an option to deal with their end-of-life pain and suffering, and with the safeguards that are included in the bill, it was a reasonable approach to help these individuals and their families.

Senator Curtis King via e-mail on January 13th, 2023

Is it possible Senator King does not care about his constituents dignity? Possibly. Is it possible Senator King has no idea the Supreme Court has ruled, in two unanimous decisions, that there is no constitutional right to physician assisted suicide? It is possible. It is also possible Senator King does not care about constitutional rights. But, that’s up for you, the voter to decide in a few years.

Yakima County Republicans Elect a new Chairman, and new board!

The Yakima County Republican Party recently held it’s reorganizational meeting and boy, did they re-organize. An energized Republican Party in Yakima elected an almost entirely new executive board. Interestingly, most of the new board has campaign and / or experience as an elected official. The message from Chairman Brown to Republican PCOs began with a powerful message of honor. He honored the past, honoring the board and the chairmen and women that came before them. It was a strong moment of unity. This is important because during his introduction speech, new chairman Matt Brown vowed to win every school board, and every city council race in which Republicans participate. This same sentiment was echoed up and down the ballot, with candidates explaining their motivations behind running centered on their children and their future, the younger generation in general, and the future of the Yakima Valley. Much of what was said by the candidates also centered on the failure of the public school system during and after COVID. The comments ranged from curriculum to school safety.

Change was warranted and needed as the party became stagnant with infighting and local losses across city council’s and school boards in the region. Chairman Brown promised to unite the party by establishing a common mission and strategy for reaching the next generation and focusing on local issues first! Brown also promised to refresh their social media presence on all platforms going forward. “It’s absolutely needed to reach the next generation of conservatives,” Brown said. As with the new chairman, the new board echoed his statements and promised to bridge these gaps and fill these deltas.

As mentioned previously, the new executive board brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. Chairman Matt Brown is a sitting City of Yakima Councilmember and brings a wealth of campaign experience. Vice chair Autumn Torres has been a leader in the Yakima Valley for years, including her invigorating Yakima Valley County Commissioner campaign in 2021. Some could (and should) argue Mrs. Torres’ hard fought campaign set off a chain of events that resulted in the complete reorganization of the Yakima County Republican Party yesterday.

Treasurer Dave Mullen was previously a Moxee City Councilmember and also brings experience in campaign finance, event management, and fundraising to the board. Mr. Mullen mentioned is motivation which prompted him to run for the Treasurer spot was his children and the public school system. Mr. Mullen also said that he believes that if he is “within five feet of the problem, I need to be within five feet of the solution.” Phil Ostreim’s, State Committeeman, also touched on the fact that he is a father and a small business owner fighting for his children. Lastly, new CD3 Director Jacob Castillo also commented about his motivation stemming from learning what his children were being taught in schools, going to school boards and being ignored, and feeling like he needed to fight for the future of his children.

While Matt Brown’s comments about flipping school boards rang true for him, there was no doubt it rang true for the entire new Executive Board based on their own comments. In 2023 alone, East Valley School District will have three spots up for re-election, Yakima School District will have three seats up for election, and Selah School District has three seats up for election. Other school districts like Zillah and Toppenish are in play as well for the Yakima County Republican party.

The first executive board meeting will be held at the VFW on December 14th, 2022 on Fifth Avenue at 5:30PM.

The full, new Executive Board is as follows:

  • Chair – Matt Brown (new)
  • Vice Chair – Autumn Torres (new)
  • Secretary – Lisa Herke (retained seat)
  • Treasurer – Dave Mullen (new)
  • State Committeeman – Phil Ostreim (new)
  • State Committeewoman – Dana Johnson (retained seat)
  • CD1 Director – Tom Dittmar (new)
  • CD2 Director – Kate Ashley Clarke (new)
  • CD3 Director – Jacob Castillo (new)

This Week In Yakima County Politics: November 15, 2022

This Week In Yakima County is a continuing series at Accurate Perspective, running down the major highlights of upcoming meetings from major legislative bodies within Yakima County. Should we cover a jurisdiction or legislative body we are not currently covering? Send us a comment below.

Yakima County Commissioners

  • Week Ahead
    • November 18, 2022Work Session
      • What’s Important?
      • Agenda Item #6 – Public Services – Short term plan to issue building permits
      • This is an update to a recent plan streamlining application approvals for repeat customers. Specifically, this is for customers that know what is required for a completed package.
      • Agenda Item #7 – Financial Services – 2023 General Fund
      • The start of a series of meetings by Financial Services. Financial Services presents to the public before the Yakima County Commissioners consider approving the budget for the next year.

City of Yakima

  • Week Ahead
  • What’s Important?
  • Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray is interested in bringing an Executive Producer to town to possibly begin work on a documentary.
  • A proposal to create an ad-hoc Committee for the Martin Luther King Jr., Aquatic Center.
  • An increase to your irrigation fees for the next four years.
  • Adopting City Council legislative priorities for the state and federal level. These priorities include:
    • State Level:
      • Full funding of Crime Lab
      • Funding to address domestic violence
      • Opportunities to provide financial incentives for downtown redevelopmente
      • Efforts to clarify and/or modify police reform legislation adopted during the 2021 state legislative session
    • Federal Level:
      • Funding to expand domestic water and sewer systems to underserved, low-income neighborhoods
      • Funding for replacement of McAllister Field terminal building
      • Funding requests for Nelson Dam Removal and Replacement project
      • Spending request for the MLK, Jr. Park Community Pool
  • Second public hearing on the 2023-24 Biennial Budget
  • A list of Parks and Recreation fee increases to be adopted on January 1, 2023

Want to see other jurisdictions listed? Let us know. Not happy about what your representatives are voting on? Let us know.

Cato’s Fiscal Policy Report Ranks Inslee Dead Last

The Cato Institute, described as a libertarian think tank, annually releases a fiscal policy report ranking all Governors in the United States of America.

According to The Cato Institute, they rank Governor’s from a “limited-government perspective. Governors receiving an A are those who have cut taxes and spending the most, whereas governors receiving an F have raised taxes and spending the most.”

Out of the eight Governors receiving an “F”, it would not surprise any one to hear the triumvirate of Governors from Washington, Oregon, and California accounted for three of those “F’s”.

In fact, Jay Inslee did so poorly with fiscal responsibility over the last year, his score of 18 was 11 points below the next worst Governor; Kate Brown of Oregon who clocked 29 points.

This is not the first time Governor Inslee has received an “F”. As a repeat offender, Inslee has received F’s in 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2022.

Amongst Jay Inslee’s terrible accomplishments, Cato Institute cited the much discussed and litigated capital gains tax:

And in Washington State, which does not have an individual income tax, Jay Inslee approved the imposition of a 7 percent capital gains tax. But the tax is being litigated as an illegal, nonuniform property tax under the state constitution.

Then Inslee signed into law a surcharge on the state’s gross receipts tax (the “business and occupation” tax) to raise about $360 million a year. Higher rates were imposed for banks and 43 other industries including “software development, engineering, investment‐​related services, and independent medical practices. The legislation applies even higher surcharges to some advanced computing businesses.”220 Most states want to attract high‐​tech businesses, not scare them away, so imposing these punitive taxes seems bizarre.

As noted in The Cato Institute report, Inslee promised to not raise taxes and broke his promise immediately. According to Cato Institute, “…in his first budget, he proposed more then $1 billion in hikes.”

In a damning synopsis of Governor Inslee’s fiscal policy throughout his tenure as Chief Executive of Washington State, the Cato Institute had tough comments for Inslee and his disdain for the business community:

Then Inslee signed into law a surcharge on the state’s gross receipts tax (the “business and occupation” tax) to raise about $360 million a year. Higher rates were imposed for banks and 43 other industries including “software development, engineering, investment‐​related services, and independent medical practices. The legislation applies even higher surcharges to some advanced computing businesses.”220 Most states want to attract high‐​tech businesses, not scare them away, so imposing these punitive taxes seems bizarre.

Undoubtedly, Inslee’s disastrous policies have had negative effects on Yakima County. Business is not booming in Yakima and, invariably, you can draw a direct line to Governor Inslee’s fiscal policies as being a driver of business’ shutting down.

We reached out for comment to Governor Inslee’s Deputy Director of Communications, Mike Faulk. Mr. Faulk responded with the following:

“It’s a pretty subjective take from a highly ideological organization. It assumes all revenue and spending are bad, period, regardless of context, public support or results. The methodology even dings governors for changes in cigarette taxes, which have broad public support.

Do you agree with Governor Inslee’s administration? Has Governor Inslee shown fiscal responsibility and improved the economic climate for businesses and citizens?

Army Veteran Semi Bird Announces Bid For Governor of Washington State

Fittingly, on this past Veteran’s Day, Semi Bird announced his bid to run for the state executive office. Announcing his run for Governor at a Veteran’s Day event and with a succeeding press release, the Richland School Board Member said, “In service of my nation and to the people of this great state, I am officially announcing that I will answer the call. As of today I am campaigning for Governor of Washington.”

Mr. Bird started off his professional career with the United States Marine Corps, enlisting after his junior year of high school. After his time with the Marine Corps, Semi Bird was recruited into the Army’s elite Special Forces unit – the Green Berets. Through Mr. Bird’s service to the country, he earned a Bronze Star with Valor and a Purple Heart. Further, Mr. Bird also earned (4) Army Commendation Medals and (4) Army Achievement Medals.

Mr. Bird’s past experience includes Associate Director of Professional Development and Community Education at Washington State University’s campus in Tri-Cities. He also served as the Senior Advisor to the U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh.

In a press release, Mr. Bird explained he will focus on four areas as he campaigns across the state: economy, public safety, education, energy and food security.

Currently, Mr. Bird is the President of the Richland School Board. In his time on the Richland School Board, and most recently, Mr. Bird was the driving force behind the passing of Policy 2360. Policy 2360 prohibits curriculum that causes students to be “indoctrinated in the belief that the U.S. is fundamentally or systemically racist.”

Mr. Bird is vying to become the first African American Governor of Washington State.

ANALYSIS: Yakima Valley School Report Cards 2014-15 until 2021-22

COVID was an eye-opening experience for parents of school-aged children. Zoom allowed parents to see what was happening in the classrooms, what was being taught, and what was not being taught. Through COVID, schools have changed direction on a myriad of issues such as how to best teach our children (see: CRT, Social Emotional Learning, etc.) as well as how to assess our children (taking away mentally gifted programs, taking away assessments, etc.). Now that we, parents, know what our children are being taught (not good), how they’re being assessed (or not), it is time to find out how they are doing.

One thing Washington State is good at is being transparent with some crucial statistics related to education. These statistics include how many children, down to the school level, are competent in reading and math. They also include how many children attend the school, the graduation rate of said school and how much money is spent per child at each school. These statistics were made public as far back as the 2014-15 school year. We have done a comparison from 2014-15 through this school year to see how schools have served our children in Yakima County.

The results are disastrous.

School NameStudents EnrolledMet ELA StandardsMet ELA Standards 2014-2015Met Math StandardsMet Math Standards (2014-15)Per-Pupil ExpenditureRegular Attendance
Moxee Elementary48948.10%54.10%51.30%55.70%13,77085.80%
Terrace Heights Elementary48143.30%45.40%32.70%47.20%13,49965.20%
East Valley Elementary51349.10%48.90%36.70%49.20%12,91476.20%
East Valley Central Middle School80145.20%44.50%34.90%37.20%12,50985.60%
East Valley High School99648.70%51.30%23.00%18.60%13,37593%
John Campbell Primary School499Data SuppressedData SuppressedData SuppressedData Suppressed13,14976.40%
Robert Lince Eaerly Learning Center415Data SuppressedData SuppressedData SuppressedData Suppressed32,41866.40%
Selah Middle School83345%54%26.50%48.00%12,18659%
Selah Intermediate School79342.20%51.60%37.40%41.00%12,26477%
Selah High School108948.542.70%23.525.70%12,72274.80%
Adams Elementary69210.80%24.60%6.10%27.40%15,44566.90%
Barge-Lincoln Elementary School55418.40%33.90%11.50%34.10%15,37862.1
Davis High School262032.50%9.30%10.90%2.30%13,26048.40%
Discovery Lab29836.20%53.40%21.30%45.00%14,75275.20%
Eisenhower High School214531.90%28.10%10.50%14.10%13,98369.70%
Franklin Middle School88429.40%43.30%8.70%28.80%12,87553.30%
Garfield Elementary49018.40%23.50%11.50%25.70%14,16564.90%
Gilbert Elementary School40130.20%39.50%17.30%27.80%16,05067%
Hoover Elementary71322.90%27.30%11.40%29.20%11,88466.90%
Lewis & Clark Middle School85724.90%25.40%6.80%18.00%12,75549.80%
MLK Jr. Elementary54020.70%26.20%9.00%28.80%13,40659.90%
Mcclure Elementary School58022.40%29.50%11.60%31.10%14,08560.90%
Mckinley Elementary School39922.50%27.80%11.50%26.80%12,60864.90%
Nob Hill Elementary43446.90%50.60%23.90%42.10%13,80886.30%
Ridgeview Elementary55725.70%27.80%19.70%26.80%14,81870.30%
Robertson Elementary45127.50%44.20%12.10%40.60%15,12063.80%
Roosevelt Elementary47635.10%30.20%18.80%27.50%14,63766.40%
Stanton Acadmey26711.30%13.10%4.00%< 5.00%19,46013%
Washington Middle School80520.20%24.00%7.80%15.80%12,79456.40%
Whitney Elementary40534.50%50.40%21.10%46.40%14,40681.70%
Wilson Middle School89436.70%41.85%18.30%26.10%12,55567.40%

Worst Three Schools In ELA Competency (2014-15 until now)

  1. Discovery Lab (2014-15: 53.4% of students passed ELA standards / 2020-21: 36.2%) Spends $14,752 per student
  2. Robertson Elementary (2014-15: 44.2% passed ELA standards / 2020-21: 27.5%) Spends $15,120 per student
  3. Whitney Elementary (2014-15: 50.4% passed ELA standards / 2020-21: 34.5%) Spends $14,406 per student

Worst Three Schools In Math Competency (2014-15 until now)

  1. Robertson Elementary (2014-15: 40.6% of students passed math standards / 2020-21: 12.1%) Spends $15,120 per student
  2. Whitney Elementary (2014-15: 46.4% passed math standards / 2020-21: 21.1%) Spends $14,406 per student
  3. Discovery Lab (2014-15: 45.0% passed math standards / 2020-21: 21.3%) Spends $14,752 per student

Are these acceptable numbers? Is it acceptable to spend $15,000 per student and see a drop of 28% in math competency as well as an almost 17% drop in ELA competency at one school in Yakima? It is not acceptable.

What Can You Do About It?

Show up for your school board meetings. Ask questions of your school board members. Ask them how they feel about this money being spent, consistently being given more money and yet, the results get worse and worse as the years go on. Hold your school board members accountable for your child’s education. Hold the administrators accountable. Ask them questions. If the Superintendent is not showing progress with competency in math and reading, why is your school board still signing his or her paycheck?

Source for all data:

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